Our Next Production!

The Shedd Theatre
549 Franklin Ave.  Columbus, OH 43215

Jan. 25 and 26 at 7:30 PM
Jan. 27 at 1:30 PM

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Featuring six new and original plays by playwrights from all across the fruited plain!

·       The Burglar Beater by Jim Moore (KS): The debate over gun control is staged as a family is torn from within on the issue.

      Doughnut Shop Dates by Jeffrey Strausser (TX): Would you cheat on your spouse if you knew with absolute certainty you could get away with it?  Is there a moral standard that transcends the physical world?

     A Piece of Paper by Jason Ford (MD): Is marriage simply a “piece of paper”?  Do we follow the ways of our ancestors or try to reinvent traditions?

    Water and Salt by Gary Wadley (KY): a man is confronted by the appearance of his long-lost daughter who miraculously returns to visit him.

     We Will Steal History and . . . by Mic O’Halloran (OH): Women in battle during the Civil War?  Reenactors grapple with contemporary political correctness—or is it simply historical fact?

      A Writer’s Satire by Mark Sasse (NY): A writer’s conflict with a government office shows how government overreach—under the guise of tolerance-shreds the ideals of the pursuit of happiness.

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